Mensa judges were drawn to Yikerz!, a magnetic strategy game, and have named it a Mensa Select winner for 2010. This is our second Mensa award.

Yikerz! features magnetic pieces and a customizable game board. It was developed in partnership with AB Games. Eye Know, the visual trivia betting game, won a Mensa Select award in 2008.

American Mensa names only five games as Mensa Select winners each year. Mensa members choose award winners during an annual Mind Games competition, which has been held since 1990. This year’s Mind Games event was held April 16 to 18 in San Diego, Calif., where over 200 players tested and rated 49 game entries.

Yikerz! can be played solo, head-to-head or in teams. Players strategically place five different shapes and sizes of magnets on a four-piece game pad and use the magnets’ natural forces to defeat their opponents. The game, sold in a zippered travel pouch, can be played anywhere.

The game is available at specialty game stores in the United States, Canada and Australia and is also available from

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