London, ON Canada – Aug. 3, 2011

Lovers of visual trivia can now test even more of their knowledge. The Eye Know Booster Pack arrives in stores this month.

The Booster Pack was developed to meet player demand for more of the award-winning Eye Know game, says Don Reid, president of Wiggles 3D, the publisher of the game. “Eye Know is a favorite of anyone who plays it.” Eye Know was a 2008 winner of a Mensa Select award. It was also named Creative Child magazine’s 2008 Game of the Year in the Trivia Game category.

Eye Know is a trivia game that blends guessing images with trivia questions and betting. It combines the best of trivia and poker in a game where cards and game chips are collected throughout as players identify visuals, answer trivia questions and place strategic bets on what they think they know about the topic.

The Eye Know Booster Pack includes 100 new cards with 100 new images and 300 new trivia questions. The cards are divided into the game’s four categories, Natural World, Made Objects, People & Characters and Signs & Symbols.

The original Eye Know board game is available at Barnes & Noble, and both the original game and the Booster Pack are available at specialty retail stores and through leading U.S. catalogs. The suggested retail price is $7.95 for the Booster Pack and $29.99 for the original Eye Know game.