Wiggles 3D’s QuoteSlide puzzle game is now available for mobile devices. The new application, which launched at the beginning of June, offers users a fresh quote puzzle each day.

Each puzzle is based on a quotation and consists of a letter grid and horizontal and vertical clues. Players use logic and their knowledge of the English language to figure out the quotation. Each QuoteSlide also features a riddle linked to the speaker or theme of the quote. Players unscramble highlighted letters from the quote to solve the riddle.

The app version of QuoteSlide is a boosted version of the existing online game. It makes use of touch technology by allowing players to tap or drag letters into place. As well, players can use power-ups to help them solve puzzles more quickly. By solving puzzles, players earn in-game currency that they can use to buy more games, themed-puzzle packs or more power-ups.

QuoteSlide is free and is available for both iOS and Android devices.

The game is rated for ages four and up.

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