Game publisher Wiggles 3D is pleased to announce that media company is now carrying its popular online quote game QuoteSlide™. AOL joins other web game portals in hosting this unique word game.

“We’re delighted to be included in AOL’s roster of online games,” says Don Reid, president of Wiggles 3D. “Players will love the experience and the payoff is a great quote! This is also great news for our retailers and partners. It means greater exposure and recognition for our Don’t Quote Me™ board game and the Wiggles 3D brand.”

Wiggles 3D is best known for award-winning board games and syndicated properties, including Don’t Quote Me featured daily in USA TODAY and Mensa Select award-winners Eye Know™ and Yikerz™.

AOL is a trusted internet brand with a strong presence worldwide. Each month, its website reaches more than 100 million unique visitors in the U.S. and more than 250 million unique visitors around the world, according to March 2010 data from comScore.

QuoteSlide has developed into an online game where the player uses their word puzzle skills to uncover a famous quote in this daily word game. It has been played online since May 2009, and joined in October 2009.

Players choose letters that appear in each column and row to solve the quote. After solving the quote, the player must unscramble the answer to a final trivia question to complete the game. The faster and more accurate the player is, the higher the score.

To play online at, visit:

To play online at, visit: