A Reversal On Trivia – Find The Lie!

Like the hit game show Um, Actually, you’ll be presented with trivia about all your favorite fiction. Your job isn’t to answer a question, but to guess what’s wrong instead. So shout “Um, Actually…” and make as many wild guesses as you can with your friends! Be the first to shout the mistake and to earn a point… or guess the correction to steal it!

Your Favorite Books, Shows and Games

Whether you love comics, cartoons, fantasy, sci-fi, games, anime, horror, or just nostalgia from the 80s and 90s, there’s trivia for you! We’ve rounded up some of the most influential and popular fiction – and some hidden gems too. Whether you’re here to show off your deep knowledge or learn hilarious new facts, you’ll get to experience your favorite genres each time you play.

Fast Fun For Eight

Um, Actually supports up to 8 players! Just grab a whiteboard and marker and you’re good to go. Curate the game deck with your group’s favorite categories… plus some Shiny questions and a Real-Life Question that’ll challenge you with minigames to draw, match, spell and more!



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