The Bees Need Your Help!

Use your iPad or iPhone to enter the world of Paper Bees, a playful defense game that takes place inside a child’s diorama.

Help the paper bees defend their hive against attack! They must fight off eight different types of unwelcome pests, including mosquitoes, stink bugs and exploding beetles. The game features 30 challenging levels, spread over a meadow, a swamp and a winter landscape.

Help the bees by flinging them at their attackers. You fling bees by swiping your finger across your touchscreen. If you aim well and act quickly, you will stop their enemies. You and the bees have allies, too. Bumblebees, dragonflies and ice worms are on your side and will help the bees power up to fend off the invaders.

Can you help the bees save their hive?