The Willy Wonka Experience

Play as the original characters from the movie including Charlie, Veruca, Violet, Mike and Augustus. Collect candy-filled cards from Fizzy Lifting Drinks to Fudge Mallows to Scrumdidilyumptious Bars, and use your character’s special ability to get as many Wonka Bars as possible!

Mini Plastic Chocolate Bars Included

Collect Wonka Bars to increase your chance of revealing the Golden Ticket! Each game comes with dozens of Wonka Bars that fit in their own sleeves, and some Golden Tickets to hide within. Make sure to keep reminding yourself the chocolate is not edible!

30 Minute Strategy For The Family

Introduce your family to light strategy with simple rules with lots of room for learning. Combo your card plays, sequence your tile visits and collect sets of candy to maximize your chances of drawing that game-winning ticket. Want to increase the challenge? Flip some tiles over to Side B for advanced mode!