A Social Deduction Game for All Ages

Welcome to the party! The Cloaked Cats have organized the ultimate masked ball – and you’re on the guest list! Try to unmask the other players before they can do the same to you.

Each new cat that enters the dance floor gives you more clues. Is that another player hiding behind one of the brown cats? Or are they hiding as one of the red cats? … No, you’re absolutely sure – they must be one of the striped cats!

Colorful Cats to Discover

Look through the cat cards together before your first game. Each cat card shows a cat with 3 to 4 features. The invitation shows how many cat cards there are with each of the features, and all the features a cat might have: every cat has a pose and color, and some cats even have a coat pattern or accessory.

The end of the game is triggered once all 3 features of a player have been revealed!

For 2-4 players aged 7+.