Look Closely!

Can you spot the hidden symbols in each scene from the Museum of Everything? Take turns looking for clues and recording them on a rotating codex. If you find all the symbols, you earn a clue… but hurry, the clock is ticking!

Use the free timer app to keep track of time and hear commentary and reminders from the museum’s curator. (Available for iOS and Android devices.)

Cultivate Problem-Solving Skills

You found all the hidden symbols… but now you have a choice to make! Should you take a clue that might tell you whether the culprit has fur or feathers? Or should you narrow down whether they carry a purse or a pocketwatch? It all depends on which suspects are still possible, and which clues you’ve already received.

Choose from a variety of case files to give yourself a different challenge that alters the time limit, culprits to find and even the rules of the game!

Work as a Team

In this game, all players work together against the case… and the clock! Assign roles to each player, make decisions about how to tackle the case, and arrive at a consensus on which suspect you should accuse!

You’ll win together. You’ll lose together. But either way, you’ll have fun together!


Rulebook (English)

Rulebook (Other Languages)

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