London, ON – Dec. 5, 2011 – A new iPad game that brings photos to life in a whole new way to test your visual memory. The game, called Eye Know Everything, can be downloaded for free on the App Store until Nov. 26.

Eye Know Everything features over 250 images, including pictures of animals, landmarks, maps, symbols and more. The app, which is set up for both solo games and multiple players, presents users with blurred, scrambled and swirled pictures that gradually become crisp images. The faster players identify the images, the more points they score.

Eye Know Everything comes from game developer Wiggles 3D. The Eye Know brand is based on the Eye Know board game, a visual trivia betting game that combines images and trivia questions and is a 2008 winner of the Mensa Select award. Other products in the Eye Know line are a Booster Pack of 100 extra game cards and a free companion iPad app, which is designed to be used with the board game.

The Eye Know Everything app is available for free on the iPad App Store until Nov. 26óafter that it will be $0.99. The original Eye Know board game is available at Barnes & Noble, and both the original game and the Booster Pack are available at specialty retail stores and through leading U.S. catalogs. The suggested retail price is $7.95 for the Booster Pack and $29.99 for the original Eye Know game. The board game is recommended for two or more players, aged 14 and over.