The hive is on the move. Earlier this month, the game Paper Bees arrived in Japan.

Paper Bees is a defense game created by game developer Wiggles 3D. It launched in the U.S. and Canada in 2012. Wiggles 3D has partnered with Digipark, a leading Japanese game developer, to bring the game app to the Japanese market. The two companies have struck a multi-year licensing agreement.

The playful action game is now available for Japanese players on both iOS and Android devices. It is free to play on both networks.

Paper Bees app is a playful action game that presents players with 45 different game levels. Players are asked to help bees defend their flowers and hive against a stream of unwelcome pests, including stink bugs, mosquitoes and exploding beetles. The bees move through a meadow, a swamp, a winter landscape and ancient Egypt. Players fling bees by swiping their fingers across their touchscreens. The beesí allies show up to give them extra powers, including flames and ice crystals. It is rated for players age 4 and up and is designed to have a broad appeal with all ages.