Lovers of the Eye Know game are in luck. Now there are now even more ways to play Eye Know.

Game studio Wiggles 3D has created two new app versions of the popular Eye Know game. Eye Know: Animals and Eye Know: Animated Logos are now available for download for Android and iOS devices. The animal game features over 300 photos of animals while the logo game features over 200 logos. The games show players distorted versions of images. Players must try to figure out each image and spell it out before time runs out. Bombs and hints add to the fun.

These new games feature all new images and join the existing apps Eye Know: Image FX Word Quiz and Eye Know Everything. This app series is based on the original board game Eye Know, which was named a Mensa Select award winner in 2008.

Eye Know: Animals is $2.99 and Eye Know: Animated Logos is free.

Eye Know: Animals can be found at:

Eye Know: Animated Logos can be found at: