Uncover the secrets of 5-Minute Mystery!

In this high-intensity, deductive game, you’ll work together with your friends to find hidden symbols, piece together clues and arrest a culprit, all in just five minutes!

You’ll win together. You’ll lose together. But every time, you’ll have fun together.

Easy to pick up and quick to play, 5 Minute Mystery is great for newbie gamers, busy families, and game groups looking for an ice-breaker.

So if you’re ready to cheer as you arrest a frog while a British walrus yells at you, then clear a spot on your games shelf for 5-Minute Mystery!

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In 5-Minute Mystery, your team of detectives will only have a few minutes to find the clues and catch the culprit.

To help keep you on track, download the 5-Minute Mystery Timer app. It manages the clock and lets you know when time's running out. Since you're playing one case at a time, you can play a few cases, break for lunch, and then pick it up later to continue the adventure.

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The precious MacGuffin has been stolen from the Museum of Everything, and it's up to you and your team of detectives to solve the case and catch the culprit! Start by scouring the Museum for clues. All players work together to search through rooms of the museum and find the five hidden symbols on each card. As a team, describe each symbol to the player with the codex who will align it to match the symbols on the card.

Follow the Clues!

If all the symbols match, you've uncovered a clue! Flip over a clue and use the barcodes to match it against the culprit tile to find out valuable information about the crook.

Narrow Down Suspects

Based on what you've learned from the clue, eliminate suspects that don't match the culprit tile. Keep gathering clues by searching through more scenes until you've only got one suspect left.

Catch the Culprit

Once you've narrowed it down to one suspect, it's time to make an arrest! Accuse a suspect and flip over the culprit tile to see if you're right.

If the suspect and culprit match, you've caught the culprit and cracked the case!

Players: 1-6  |  Time: 5 minute rounds  |  Ages: 8+

Frequently Asked Questions

No, culprits are returned to the culprit deck after you arrest them. So it’s possible for, say, Isabella to commit another crime on the very next case after you’ve arrested her!

While this may not make sense (shouldn’t she be in jail?), it’s important for game balance that culprits be returned to the deck each time. So if Isabella pops up again, just imagine that she escaped from her cell to plan another heist!

Besides the steps outlined under “Setting Up” in the instructions, you can also organize your hand of suspects, read over the case file card, and discuss general strategy with your team. However, you are not allowed to examine the scene card or look at the culprit tile(s) while doing so.

If you find that your team is unable to resist looking at the first scene card while getting ready, just cover it up with a reference card until you’re ready to start the timer.

You have to know exactly which culprit is which, because you can only arrest one culprit at a time.

For example, suppose you are solving a case with two culprits, and you’re lucky enough to get two matching clues right off the bat, leaving only two possible culprits: Sarah and Nate.

You might be tempted to make an arrest… but you shouldn’t, because you don’t yet know which culprit is which! If you choose to arrest Sarah first, and flip over Nate, you lose, even though you were right about which two culprits were guilty. So it would be a good idea to get more clues so you can be certain which is which.

Nope, sorry! Suspects with scales must be left in… although as soon as the timer starts, it makes sense to take a moment to eliminate all the suspects with scales.

Same goes for the scales clue tile. It must be left in, even though it is not a helpful clue in this particular case.

As one of the Mastermind-level cases, this is meant to be a tricky challenge for your team. We think it’s most fun if you puzzle it out yourselves, but it you’re stuck, here are a couple of hints:


Whenever you solve a scene, your team gets an unused culprit tile. You are allowed to look at both sides of these tiles. Make good use of both the picture and the color bars!


Because you can look at both sides of the culprit tiles you receive, they essentially give you four clues each. Compare the bars for the actual culprit with each unused culprit you get. Suppose the purple bars match… then you would know that the culprit has the same skin type as the unused culprit. So if your unused culprit has fur, so does the culprit!

Use this information to rule out the suspect cards you’re getting 3 at a time until you find a complete match, then make the arrest!