Word lovers now have a whole new way to play with their friends. The word game Lexigo is now available as an app for phones and tablets.

Lexigo is a word game created by game publisher Wiggles 3D. It was launched in 2010 in a letter-tile format and sold in game stores. The mobile game application was released earlier this month in both the iTunes and Android app stores. Both versions of the game are free.

The mobile gamekeeps the core features of the original tile game, but takes advantage of the mobile technology to add animations and powerups. The Lexigo app is designed for two-, three- or four-player games. Users can use it with a group in pass-and-play mode or they can try to stump their friends online through Facebook.

Just like in the original, the Lexigo app features six-sided letter tiles that players use to spell words. Players can spell words in twisty paths by moving in six different directions from each tile. As well, players must start each new word with the last letter of the last word they spelled. And thereís no scoring needed. The first player to use up their tiles wins the game.

The mobile game also lets players earn Lexigold as they spell. They can use this money to buy some of the gameís nine powerups. Powerups include Pop, which removes a selected tile from the game grid, and Kick, which lets a playermove an opponentís pawn anywhere they choose on the letter grid.

The game is rated for ages four and up.

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