London, ON Canada – October 5, 2011 – Eye Know has gone digital. Players of the visual trivia game can now boost their board games with a new iPad app.

The new app, now available on the App Store, is a companion product to the Eye Know board game. The free application currently features over 150 new images in 8 different animation sequences. The publisher, Wiggles 3D, plans to keep adding additional images through future updates.

The app presents players with blurred, scrambled and swirled pictures that gradually shift into crisp images of many different subjects including people, animals, symbols and more. Players receive points by correctly guessing the images. The faster they identify the images, the more points they receive.

The original Eye Know board game is a visual trivia betting game that combines images and trivia questions and is a 2008 winner of the Mensa Select award. A regular Eye Know game consists of five turns for each player. The Eye Know app extends the game to seven turns for each player-five turns from the printed question cards and two turns from the iPad.

Also new this year is an Eye Know Booster Pack, containing 100 new images and 300 new trivia questions. The original Eye Know board game is available at Barnes & Noble, and both the original game and the Booster Pack are available at specialty retail stores and through leading U.S. catalogs. The suggested retail price is $7.95 for the Booster Pack and $29.99 for the original Eye Know game.

The game is recommended for two or more players, aged 14 and over.