Wiggles 3D and Publisher Services, Inc. (PSI) were happy to support the Boy Scouts of America during their National Scout Jamboree by donating copies of Eco Squad, the Green Solutions Card Game.

For ten days, July 26 – August 4, up to 50,000 Scouts and volunteers participated in the Jamboree at Fort A.P Hill, located near Bowling Green Virginia. Amid the myriad of activities available, the game tent was a popular venue where Scouts could challenge an opponent to play one of the many donated games.

Eco Squad offers Scouts a fun way to learn about Earth’s resources, and how to make environmentally positive choices in their own homes. At the end of the festivities, every donated game was given away so that Scouts could continue to enjoy the games with friends and family.

More information about the National Jamboree is available at: www.bsajamboree.org