This summer, raptors and T-Rexes are set to test their brawn against the cool artificial intelligence of robots. This battle could be waged in living rooms throughout North America, thanks to the arrival of Robots vs. Dinosaurs, the third edition in the AvA Challenger Series, in stores this month.

Robots vs. Dinosaurs follows Army vs. Aliens, the first edition in the series, which was launched in November 2011. Pirates vs. Ninjas, the second version, was launched last summer. A fourth edition, Zombies vs. Wrestlers, is slated to hit stores early this fall.

This popular dice elimination game poises one side against the other as players try to eliminate their opponents. The game consists of 18 custom diceÇ nine for each teamÇ and two dice cups. Players try to capture their opponents dice by rolling powerful combinations.

The various sets are designed so that players can mix and match the dice sets. Each dice set can be played off against any other faction in the series for unlimited variety and endless fun. The dice cups snap together to create a carrying case, which makes the games easily portable. For players aged eight and up.

The AvA series games are for sale at Target and independent retailers in the United States and Canada.