Board Games

Finger Tips Wins Its Fourth Award

Put your hands together for Finger Tips! The fun, matching game for children has won its fourth award.

This finger-puppet […]

Army vs. Aliens Earns a New Award

The Army vs. Aliens Challenger Series has won its newest award, this time from Parent Test, Parent Approved.

Here’s what one […]

Zipperoos Earns a New Award

Zipperoos has picked up a 2013 Tillywig Best Family Fun Award marking the first award for this unique new brand. […]

Dinosaurs Prepare to Battle Robots This Summer

This summer, raptors and T-Rexes are set to test their brawn against the cool artificial intelligence of robots. This battle […]

Finger Tips Picks Up Third Award

Finger Tips, a matching game for young children, picked up a Best Bet Award this month from the Canadian Toy […]

Army vs. Aliens Dice Game Wins Its First Award

Watch out for flying saucers! An alien-themed dice game published by Wiggles 3D won its first award this month.

Tillywig Toy […]

Ding! Receives Top Rating from Toy Testing Council

Wiggles 3D Games is thrilled to announce that one of their newest games, Ding!, has received top ratings in the […]

Eye Know Goes Digital With iPad App

London, ON Canada – October 5, 2011 – Eye Know has gone digital. Players of the visual trivia game can […]

Film Contest Celebrates Great Movies

Have you always wanted to call the shots on a movie set? If so, now you have your chance with […]

Movie Game Makes Having Fun a Snap

Movie lovers now have a whole new way to talk about their favorite films, thanks to a new card game […]