Ages 6+

2-4 Players

20 Minutes

Only $15.99

What’s Included:

  • 48 Pawns
  • Game Board
  • 2 Game Dice

How To Play:

Who Sells It:

  • AUS Geographic
  • Games World
  • Specialty Stores

Are You Ready for a Cosmic Challenge?

You are the leader of one of four alien races facing off in a space showdown. You have a fleet of 12 flying saucers at your command. If you win, you claim Earth as your prize!

Space Checkers combines the luck of dice with the strategy of checkers.

How to Command Your Fleet

  • Pick which flying saucer to move each turn
  • Choose your direction on wild rolls or when in wild areas
  • Nab other player’s saucers while keeping your fleet safe from the enemies!
  • Warp across the board to carry out sneak attacks or make a quick getaway
  • Try to capture 10 enemy saucers before anyone else to win the game!