Ages 8+

2+ Players

15 Minutes Play Time

Only $15.99

What’s Included:

  • 46 Letter Tiles
  • 2 Bonus Rings
  • 2 Piece Storage Container

How To Play:

Who Sells It:

Find Words Fast!

In Lexigo RUSH, you have 60 seconds to find as many words as you can using the tiles in the grid. Be creative — only words no one else found will count. The stakes rise every round as score doublers are added to the grid.

Finding words in Lexigo RUSH

1. Twisty Paths
Words are formed by making paths through the grid. You can start each word on any tile.

2. Reusing Letters
Your words can use the same letter tile more than once. However, you can’t hop on the same tile to use it twice in a row.

3. Blank Tiles
Blank tiles can stand for any letter you want. However, if you use a blank tile more than once in the same word, it has to stand for the same letter each time.

Get the Helper App!

Download the Wiggles 3D Game Box to time your rounds, track your scores, check the dictionary, and have the rules on your mobile device!
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RUSH on your mobile device!

This single player game will test your skill at finding words in the 13 letter grid. It will help you get ready for your next game of Lexigo RUSH word tile game around the table!
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