Watch out for flying saucers! An alien-themed dice game published by Wiggles 3D won its first award this month.

Tillywig Toy Awards presented the game Army vs. Aliens with the Sterling Fun Award, which honors √¨distinctive children’s products notable for their exceptional quality and bold originality. Army vs. Aliens, released November 2011, is a dice game that features generals and tanks trying to fight off an alien invasion of Earth.

Tillywig Toy Awards’ mission is to provide retail buyers, news media, parents, and consumers with product information and reviews of current children’s products. Products are evaluated by a variety of testers in an observed focus-group format. The testing team at Tillywig made special note of the portability of the game, as well as the swift game play, which lets players be very engaged from start to finish.

Army vs. Aliens is the first of a series of dice-elimination games planned by Wiggles 3D. The game consists of 18 custom dice-9 for each team-and two dice cups. Players try to capture their opponents dice by rolling powerful combinations.

The dice cups snap together to create a carrying case. Army vs. Aliens is designed for players aged eight and up. Its suggested retail price is $15.99, and it is available at independent retailers in the United States and Canada.