Break all the Rules!

No more looking for notches that match… you get to focus on an interesting image and see how the circle puzzle pieces overlap. It’s an entirely new puzzle system that you have to try! We’ve reinvented the jigsaw in a way that makes the image jump off the page. You assemble the pieces by overlapping circles, just like in a Venn diagram.

Best of all, there are a ton of packs!

Can You Puzzle Out the Quote?

Quote Slide is a challenging word puzzle featuring funny and thought-provoking quotes from a wide range of speakers. You’re given horizontal and vertical letter clues, and it’s up to you to arrange them to spell out the quote!

Let’s Get Visual!

Identify the image and spell the word to win. Play Eye Know and show how much you know! We show you an animated and distorted picture and all you have to do is name the image! If you get stuck, there are bombs and hints to help you out!

Now you can play the same great animated effects with our huge collection of high quality animal photos!
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Guess which company’s logo is getting sucked into a vortex? Can you spot your favourite restaurant out of a hundred puzzle pieces? Download Eye Know today for free and play through over 200 animated images of company, brand and organization logos.
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Rush to find as many words as you can before time runs out!

Just swipe your fingers across the letters to form words. You can even use the same letter tile more than once in a word!

The Bees Need Your Help!

Help the paper bees defend their hive against attack! They must fight off ten different types of unwelcome pests, including mosquitoes, stink bugs and exploding beetles. The game features 45 challenging levels, spread over a meadow, a swamp, a winter, and an Egyptian landscape.

It’s Monster Fun!

Ready for a monster of a good time? Play Smile Tiles, a unique take on puzzle matching games! Smile Tiles features 10 different monsters, each with a unique personality! Boomy was never built quite right, Dizzy is totally out of control, and Wheezy has never been able to get over his cough. You will learn to love them all!