What Will We Play Tonight?

Kind of catchy, isn’t it? This simple motto speaks to what we’ve always been about – bringing friends and families together to play games, laugh and share some fun. We firmly believe that this type of entertainment adds to the shared experiences that friends will remember forever.

Today, Wiggles 3D brings its rich history of playing games together at the table to a variety of modern family and party games. We believe in putting quality and care into every game we design and publish. We have an amazing team of game designers who really know how to craft a fun game experience. Today we are focused on launching crowdfunding campaigns, with successes including 5-Minute Dungeon, 5-Minute Mystery and most recently Um, Actually (the number one trivia game on Kickstarter!).  We also enjoy developing innovative game systems for other publishers, such as The Golden Ticket Game with Buffalo Games, and for great media properties such as Ozark and Cobra Kai with Mixlore.  


Aside from our board game creations, we’ve also embraced mobile gaming with several apps. Some are dynamic versions of our board game titles. Others are fresh titles created just for mobile game players. Some of our most popular titles include QuoteSlideEye Know, and the reinvented jigsaw puzzle VENN.

Game players also enjoy puzzles in their daily newspapers and online. Beginning with our Don’t Quote Me brand, we actively syndicate puzzles or quotes to millions of readers daily in publications such as USA Today and in Canada’s largest newspaper, The Toronto Star.  Lexigo, our unique hexagon tile word puzzle is syndicated internationally in over 200 newspapers plus many online channels

Enjoy your visit to the Wiggles 3D website. We trust that you’ll find some games to help answer the question “What will we play tonight?”

How Did We Get Started?

Wiggles 3D was created in 2001 to build a world-class brand around famous quotations. The idea was partially formed in my youth, when my father, Jim Reid, would use quotes to entertain his customers or to get a point across. These quotes were often his own and some were real head scratchers. One of my favorites – “It might as well be lost as in a place you can’t find it” – is a classic in the Reid clan.  While dad was never involved in the business he was always a source of great inspiration!

The evolution of this family pastime to founding a company took 30 years, culminating with the launch of Don’t Quote Me! which now entertains millions of players every day through our newspaper puzzles and online games and board game. 

Publishers quickly asked ‘what else do you have?’ and the company expanded in new games and categories. Including Pass the Popcorn (Mattel) and the Bellz! family game (Spin Master Inc.)

While winning awards has never been the goal, we have been honored with several industry awards including the ASTRA Game of the Year for Bellz! and two Mensa Select Awards among others.

It has been a great pleasure to share this adventure with my son, Connor, who is a lead designer and the creative force behind 5-Minute Dungeon, 5-Minute Mystery and One-Hit Heroes.

Following the major success of 5-Minute Dungeon which is now sold in 23 countries and 6 languages — we’ve followed the exhilarating road of crowdfunding, where we’ve continued to enjoy producing games such as 5-Minute Mystery, Curses Foiled Again! and most recently Um, Actually in collaboration with CollegeHumor/Dropout.

The journey continues with One-Hit Heroes co-authored by Connor and AC Atienza, and we’re excited to see where we will go next. Stay tuned!

Don Reid