We’ve begun shipping the new Lexigo RUSH word tile game to customers in North America.

Lexigo RUSH represents word play at its finest. It combines a physical tabletop word game and a helper app that serves as the timer, a scoreboard, and a dictionary. Lexigo RUSH represents an ideal fusion between the table and digital media.

The game may be played by any number of players and is very easy to learn.

Featuring unique hexagon letter tiles, the game involves placing 13 tiles out in a grid pattern. Then everyone makes a list of as many words as they can find in 60 seconds. Players earn one point for each word they find that nobody else has found.

The game becomes more challenging with each round with the addition of bonus rings that double and redouble the point value of any word found that uses them. The game is played in three 60-second rounds.

The game has been designed for quick setup and play: a game takes only 10-15 minutes, depending on the number of players.

Concurrent with the launch of the word tile game, we’re also introducing the Wiggles 3D Game Box app, which is designed to handle scoring and timing and even has a built-in dictionary to check words and resolve any disputes. If the player has an internet connection, they also can see the definition for each word. The Wiggles 3D Game Box app is available on iTunes, Google Play and the Amazon store.

The game is packaged in the Wiggles 3D Sensible Packaging format comprised of a recyclable paper sleeve and a two-piece plastic storage container for the game.

Lexigo RUSH is also a successful game app available on iTunes, Google Play and the Amazon App Store.