Suit up for 5-Minute Marvel!

In this game, you’ll join forces with your friends to fight your way through six missions filled with deadly villains and goofy goons!

You’ll choose to play as one of ten heroes, each with their own special cards and abilities.

In 5-Minute Marvel, there are no turns. Everybody will be racing against the clock to slap down symbols that match the current card from the Mission Deck.

You’re all in it together—either your party completes the mission and moves onto the next one, or you all perish!

Free Timer App

Play with J.A.R.V.I.S.!

In 5-Minute Marvel, your team will only have five minutes to round up the bad guys and take down the boss.

To help keep you on track, download the 5-Minute Marvel Timer app. It manages the mission clock and lets you know when time's running out. Since you're playing in five minute rounds, you can play a few rounds, break for lunch, and then pick it up later to continue the adventure.

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Pick Your Hero

Play as one of Marvel's ten greatest Heroes, each with their own special ability and unique Hero Cards. As you progress through your mission, you can choose whether to draw from your special Hero Deck, or from a deck of basic resource cards. Choosing when to deploy one of your Hero Cards can mean the difference between failure and success on your mission!

Start the Mission

Once the mission starts, your team will have five minutes to fight your way through a deck of Marvel’s toughest and weirdest villains before taking down the Boss.

Battle it out

Most of the time you can defeat a Mission Card by matching the symbols shown on the card. Sometimes, though, you'll need to use a Hero Card, or ability, like Web Dart, which can instantly defeat a Minion.

There are no turns, and anyone can play the cards needed to defeat the bad guy. But any card played is gone forever, so play smart!

Handle the Crisis

Crisis cards will pop up throughout your mission, causing even more chaos. They can injure your heroes, force you to discard cards, or even make other mission cards tougher.

Be careful! If your hero gets injured on the mission you won’t be able to use your special ability anymore.

Take on Marvel's Greatest Villains

Before you can face Thanos, you must first defeat five of Marvel's toughest villains. From Green Goblin to Loki, your party will first have to deal with the Mission Cards in your way, each representing a new challenge you must face.

Players: 2-5  |  Time: 5 minute rounds  |  Ages: 8+