5-Minute Dungeon is a chaotic, co-operative, real-time, card game.
Work together to defeat the dungeon in only 5 minutes!





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What is 5-Minute Dungeon?

Welcome to 5-Minute Dungeon

In this game, you’ll join forces with your friends to fight your way through five dungeons filled with deadly obstacles and dangerous monsters!

You’ll choose to play as one of ten heroes, each with their own special cards and abilities.

In 5-Minute Dungeon, there are no turns. Everybody will be racing against the clock to slap down symbols that match the current card from the Dungeon.

You’re all in it together—either your party defeats the dungeon and moves onto the next one, or you all perish!

Players: 2-5  |  Time: 5 minute rounds  |  Ages: 8+

How to Play


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Pick your Hero

Take on the role of a Hero. Each Hero has their own unique abilities and cards, along with a common pool of resource cards.

Each hero has a special ability that is shown on the bottom the player mat. As a team, using these abilities at the right time can be the difference between success and defeat.

Defeat the Dungeon

Most of the time you can defeat a Dungeon Card by matching the symbols on the card.

Sometimes, though, you'll want to use an action card, like Fireball, which can instantly defeat a Monster.

There are no turns, and anyone can play the cards needed to defeat the Dungeon Card. But be careful, any card played is gone forever, so play smart!

Take on Powerful Bosses

Not surprisingly, there are five dungeon bosses. First you'll encounter the adorable, but terrifying, Baby Barbarian. But to reach him, your party will first have to deal with the 20 Door Cards in your way, each representing a new challenge you must face. Once you take down the baby, there are still four more bosses to tackle.

Free Timer App

In 5-Minute Dungeon your team will only have five minutes to defeat a dungeon. That means defeating a number of Dungeon Cards and ultimately besting the dungeon boss.

To help you keep on track, we've created a timer app for you to use that manages the game clock and let you know when time's running out. And since you are playing in five minute rounds, you can play a few rounds, break for lunch, and then pick it up later to continue the adventure. Download the timer app below!

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